Your data security is our top priority.

WeSendit prioritizes maximum security, ensuring that your valuable data is always protected.

World innovation WeSendit 3.0

Storj DCS: over 22,000 nodes worldwide

To safeguard your data, WeSendit partners with global leaders such as Storj. Thanks to our collaboration, you’ll be able to store your files decentrally. We have simplified a technology that was previously reserved for absolute tech experts. Now everyone can easily access and enjoy the benefits of Web3 storage. All required processes happen in the background – automatically.

Geo-redundant storage: You decide where we transfer and store your data

With WeSendit, you send and store your files via the network of your choice. Your data is stored redundantly across thousands of availability zones worldwide.

File Transfer Security

Our platform prioritizes maximum security,
ensuring that your data is protected at all times.

Data encryption

Your data is encrypted during both transit and storage in the world’s safest data centers.

Password protection

Easily set up a password-protected file transfer for additional security.

Decentralized Web3 file transfer

WeSendit is the first platform in the world that allows you to send your files decentrally as a Web3 user.

Ready for the Web3 era? Why it’s wise to decentralize

Unlike traditional centralized Web2 solutions, WeSendit distributes your data across a decentralized global network, minimizing the risk of data loss. Thanks to blockchain-based technology, you keep control of your data at all times. The WSI Token is your key to all the benefits of this revolutionary approach. Discover the fascinating world of decentralized storage with WeSendit. Step by step. File by file.

Login with dApp (Metamask / TrustWallet / SafePal)

Simply use your crypto wallet to login and embrace the benefits of decentralized data storage and the WSI token.

Decentralized storage

Decentralized storage offers unrivaled privacy and data protection. With WeSendit, these benefits are all yours. Easy to access, easy to use.

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