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Swiss cheese has holes?
Your data security doesn’t.

WeSendit 3.0 prioritizes the safety of your data and ensures maximum security at all times.

Email Transfer

Your recipients will receive an email and can access the files right away.

Link Transfer

Share a download link with your recipients via the channel of your choice.

Send entire folders with all structures.

Fast transfers, easy storage, maximum security. So you can get the most out of your data.


You always have an overview of your transfers. Send existing transfers to new recipients or simply download the transfer. With the transfer history you are maximally flexible.


Choose from a range of customizable settings to enhance your file management experience. Your data, your settings.

For example, simply edit:

  • Validity period
  • Password*
  • Download notification
  • Shedule transfer*

Share your Moments

At WeSendit, we know your data can mean the world to you. Memories, ideas, unique moments. A part of your life. It’s all about trust. Share your precious files on the world’s first all-in-one data platform. Embrace your vision and turn that dream of yours into reality. You’ve got all it takes. And we’ve got your back.

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