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WeSendit is a pioneer in the field of decentralized data storage, offering innovative solutions to our Web2 and Web3 users throughout the entire data value chain. As a Swiss Filetransfer and decentralized Storage Aggregator Provider, we are dedicated to serving our customers and placing the highest emphasis on the security and protection of their personal information. At WeSendit, our mission is to prioritize data privacy and security. We continually develop innovative solutions to meet the ever-evolving demands of the digital world, providing our users with a reliable platform for efficient data storage and transmission.

Responsible entity
WeSendit Media AG
Baarerstreet 8
6300 Zug


Registered word mark: WeSendit

Expiry of protection period: 19.10.2032

Board of Directors
Dr. Hans-Martin Oberholzer
Jens Herbst

Executive Management:
Jens Herbst

Data Protection Officer (DPO):
Datenschutzpartner AG
Hauptstreet 19
5742 Kölliken


Company Name: WeSendit Media AG
Registration number: CH-
Vat number: CHE-305.318.617

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