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Enter the world of decentralized networks with WeSendit. Protect your privacy, securely manage your files, and regain control. You deserve it.

File Transfer

Share your Moments
easy, securely and fast.

It’s all about the experience. That’s why WeSendit has made sending and sharing your files easier than ever. You’ve got the idea, the vision, and the goal. We offer you the tools to grow.

File Management

Great organization is key.

Take your file management to another level with WeSendit’s powerful features, add-ons, and tools. You know best where your files belong. We make organizing them as simple as it gets.

Web3 Storage

True protection for your files.

Decentralized networks and the blockchain radically improve privacy and data protection. WeSendit 3.0 offers the world’s user-friendliest access to Web3 – the Internet of the people. Time to take back control of your data.

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